Our Growers

Roche Brothers International is comprised of both Roche Brothers Inc Orchards as well as our qualified Almond grower partners throughout California. Roche Brothers Inc farms and harvests each of the orchards that make up our annual inventory of California Almonds for Roche Brothers International. Each orchard under the care of Roche Brothers Inc. is continually updated with the newest technology in almond farming as well as monitored for maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.

Grower Inventory

Growers for Roche Brothers have the ability to receive updated as requested of their inventory. By utilizing state of the art Reacts Software, curated for our Almond business, Roche Brothers can access any Grower Inventory in real-time. This software updates on a minute by minute basis. This feature allows our staff to thoroughly communicate to each grower on the status of their crop.

Grower Payments

Payments to our Growers are tailored to each specific need. Payments are available as prompt payments or as deferred payments. Roche Brothers Inc.

Marketing and Sales

Roche Brothers International utilizes a sales and marketing team with 20+ years in the almond industry. BKI Exports, our choice marketing and sales company, has been representing Roche Brothers International for over a decade. Specializing in creative sales both domestically and internationally, BKI has continued to create lasting relationships with Roche Brothers International partners and customers both domestically and internationally. BKI have long proven their solid network or partners and outreach. Their professional and knowledgeable long-term relationships that facilitate a seamless and profitable experience for both sides. They have also traveled the world visiting our buyers at their offices, plants and retail spaces.

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